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Copy That Pops: Writing Tips and Psychology Hacks for Business

Feb 15, 2022

Want to be a fly on the wall as a word nerd crafts concise, compelling copy? Then this episode is for you! : )

Live, no prep, and fully recorded (video in shownotes here below too), I talk with Lauren Fritts about her podcast, personal brand, and business. Under the umbrella of the name “That Mental Shit with Lauren Fritts” we brainstormed today on two main things:

  1. A tagline. “Can you say what you do in 10 words or fewer?”
  2. The “how” she accomplishes her “why.”

Here are the notes showing what we came up with together:

That Mental Shit with Lauren Fritts

I inspire women to embrace and work through their mental shit to cultivate the life they deserve.


  1. Embrace your inner 5-year-old
    1. Be curious, ask why to keep digging deeper, and don’t accept the status quo
  2. Be like Mike!
    1. Example: Michael Jordan story. Work hard to overcome ‘no.’ Prove them wrong.
  3. Feelings aren’t facts and they’re not forever.
    1. There is light at the end of this struggle you are in now.
    2. Really examine and question the feelings and thoughts from your mind.
  4. Share everything. Openness leads to empathy.
    1. Example: Those with the brightest lights have the darkest shadows.
    2. Example: 8-mile rap at end of the movie.
  5. You are not alone.
  6. Your flaws are actually your fire.
    1. “Feel your feelings, then let them fuel your fire!”
    2. Example: David and Goliath
    3. It’s all perception…you can be the victim or the victor…it’s your choice.
  7. You have the power.
    1. Everything starts in your mind.
    2. It’s scary to think that you have the control to change your life, but it’s true.
    3. Jim Carrey: Wrote himself a check for $2 million
  8. Confidence begins with courage
    1. Be 100% yourself
  9. Purpose emerges through pain

After the episode, Lauren will definitely take more time to revise, edit, condense, and/or expand on these items above, but they are a great jumping off point for her to keep as foundations to her brand and what’s she’s all about.


I hope by listening to our conversation that you not only pick up some tips and tricks for working through your own copywriting creative session, but that you feel inspired into more courageous action. Lauren is living her truth and helping others to dare to do the same.


Prefer to watch the conversation?

Here’s the video from our talk! 



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