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Copy That Pops: Writing Tips and Psychology Hacks for Business

Jul 26, 2016

Authenticity, why breakthroughs matter, and why messaging is more important than a website...with Mike Broadwell.

  • How he introduces himself at networking events [1:50]
  • His main motivation to start building his business [8:47]
  • What he's trying to do with Breakthrough Factory [12:41]
  • How to figure out what your best...

Jul 19, 2016

What is a digital nomad? And what are the favorite life hacks of a leader in the growing digital nomad movement?

In this episode we talk all about being a digital nomad and I sit down with Marcus Meurer in-person in Greece!

- What DNX is and what he is trying to do for entrepreneurs [3:30]
- Where he is originally from...

Jul 12, 2016

Top tips for working with VA's, why your copy and your words are so important, and the big mistakes around analytics.

Special Guest:
Tonya Darlington is a high level VA who has worked with CEO's of large organizations, small business owners, and everyone in between. 

  • How she introduces herself to new people [2:16]

Jul 5, 2016

Why every word you use should be considered and why you shouldn’t let your manners get in the way! Special guest: Lee Caraher

  • Why doubt in your words kills the confidence others have in you
  • Why being “messy” in your exploratory phase is a good thing
  • How etiquette gets in the way of progress
  • How to help your team...