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Copy That Pops: Writing Tips and Psychology Hacks for Business

Sep 26, 2018

9 days in Lisbon, Portugal to speak at the DNX festival...all boiled down fast into...

• 1 Psychological Take-Away for entrepreneurs, whether digital nomads or not

• 1 Fast Copywriting Challenge for you to do (hint: embrace your weird!)


PS: Sorry for the airport noise! :-P I really was in Newark airport when I...

Sep 18, 2018

4 Powerful, Yet Simple Steps to go from Surviving to Thriving...this episode is packed with value. We jump straight into applying psychology to improve your mindset, writing, and more!

Tune in to learn about:

Sep 11, 2018

It's sad, but true. People are out there to make money off or YOUR hard work.

First it starts in the adult industry, then it moves to movie studios and music, now it's here to affect us as digital entrepreneurs.

And it's not a matter of "if," but "when."

This quick tip episode will give you the next best step to...

Sep 4, 2018

Flying on a plane from Philadelphia to San Diego with Jessica Lindgren aka GalFriday612 (the Executive Assistant to the business superstars like Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income) shares how to get past (and work with) gatekeepers for access to amazing people and opportunities.

Spoiler alert:
You need to apply...