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Copy That Pops: Writing Tips and Psychology Hacks for Business

Dec 26, 2019

4 examples to convince you once-and-for-all that the Oxford comma is non-negotiable.


Today, let’s talk about a nerdy debate that continues to rage. But, my dear listeners...there is only ONE CORRECT answer to question…

“Oxford comma or not?”




I use the Owlet Sock to keep track...

Dec 17, 2019

What is hypnosis? What is "a practical psychic"? How about spiritual coaching? We cover all of these parapsychological topics plus book writing, bestseller launching, and more with our guest Priscilla Keresey.


A Few Highlights from This Podcast:


- Journey to where Priscilla is now
- What is hypnosis?
- What is...

Dec 12, 2019

Life-saving book out now! My biz bestie shares her story of losing both her parents to cancer and how that pushed her into a life of pursuing how to heal naturally.


Food Heals: Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Stories to Nourish Your Soul and Transform Your Health is available now on Amazon!


Plus, this book...