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Copy That Pops: Writing Tips and Psychology Hacks for Business

Jan 9, 2020

Positivity, Bestselling Books in 16+ Categories, Copy Tips, Writing Advice, and more with our special guest Kelsey Henry! At age 25 she wrote, self-published, and launched her book (hitting 16 categories in the US and 9 in Australia at the #1 spot) in about 2 months from start to finish. You can too!


Kelsey reveals how she did it, obstacles you faced but overcame, plus her favorite tools you can use...


A Few Highlights from This Podcast:


- Background of Kelsey...Pinterest manager...singer/songwriter, positivity coach

- Bestselling 2x -- 16+ categories

- Tips and tricks for fast writing of your book, even if you have no idea where to start

- Things that went wrong with the books

- Beyond the book...getting products into stores, selling books and merch at in-person events, speaking on stage

- Adult coloring book creation


Kelsey's Books:

- Book 1:
Growing Up Roadschooled: Stories, Lyrics, & Lessons Learned From Full-Time RVing & Life After Roadschooling

- Book 2: A Positively Delighted Coloring Book: Color Your Way to Happiness in 30 Days 


Tools Mentioned:

- PressBooks


- Canva



Our Guest


Kelsey Henry from Positively Delighted is a best-selling author, singer/songwriter, positivity coach, coloring page designer, digital nomad, and host of The Positively Delighted Show podcast. Her passion for positivity and self-esteem began during her unique childhood growing up roadschooled in an RV from ages 11-17.


Kelsey is the author of two books on Amazon, Growing Up Roadschooled: Stories, Lyrics, & Lessons Learned from Full-time RVing & Life After Roadschooling and A Positively Delighted Coloring Book: Color Your Way to Happiness in 30 Days.


She is also a certified Canfield Success Trainer, Happy For No Reason Trainer, and Laughter Yoga Leader. She uses these programs to help others create a positive mindset and a life of delight, laughter, and fun! You can find her traveling the country and running her business on the road from her converted glamper car.



Great Quotes


  • “Giving your self a tight deadline forces you fo find a way and not come up with excuses.” - Laura Petersen

  • “Stories are great ways to teach anything, so being able to tell a good story is incredibly useful.” - Kelsey Henry

  • “I think having better expectations going into things because something can be really successful but if your expectations are really high than it will seem like a failure.”  - Kelsey Henry

  • “What helped me the most with Grammarly was that it would identify if I use the same phrases over and over again, which I did a lot.”  - Kelsey Henry


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