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Copy That Pops: Writing Tips and Psychology Hacks for Business

Feb 6, 2018

Fake is the new Real?

Check out this week’s quick tip to find out how to embrace faking your skills as you build them up!

Check out today’s transcript!

The Psychology of “Fake It Til You Make It” as a Public Speaker and Author

Some people hear the work ‘fake,’ myself included, and instantly feel a gut reaction that that is bad to do. The last thing I want to be seen as is a fake, a fraud, a scammer.

However, paradoxically, we become things by action. We cannot become unless we do.

For become an author by writing. You become a speaker by speaking.

So, I truly believe that if ‘faking confidence until you build confidence’ works to get you to take action, embrace it and GO!

As a personal example, I decided to speak about 10 days ago at the Ultimate Stage Experience put on by Tamara Thompson and Danielle Gomez of Serious Take Productions. I haven’t spoken on a stage in a while so I was feeling nervous and even admittedly had a little crying breakdown with my husband the Sunday before feeling like, “I am going to suck -- I’m not ready -- I’m going to embarrass myself!”

No matter how great my photos are on Instagram, sometimes I hit brick walls too and question my abilities.

Luckily, I have a great husband and he said, “Laura, I know it’s going to be great.” By the way he said it, I knew it wasn’t just half-hearted platitudes. So I asked, “How do you knooow that though?” And he replied gently, “Because you put your whole heart and brain into EVERYTHING you do, so how could it not be good. You’ll make sure of it.”

That external reinforcement was enough to get me back on track and feeling ready to take one step forward the next day, the next, and the next...until Friday when I delivered my talk and actually had the entire room cracking up first, then inspired next.

I told them my “Print Your Own Shirt” story that I shared with you podcast listeners back in podcast episode 108.

Then, I told them about how I channeled my inner ‘Senior Queen’ and printed my own shirt which read “best selling published author” when I took massive action and wrote and self-published my first book at the end of 2016...that one action that has lead to so many more opportunities, clarity, and confidence that I never expected.

Now, I’m telling you about this recent experience from 10 days ago because even though I was feeling nerves and stage fright, I decided to ‘fake it til i make it.’

The more speaking I do, the more comfortable I will be on stage, and the better speaker I will become.

But if I just sit in my office googling tips on speaking and never actually do it until I feel “100% ready,” I legitimately will never get to my goal.

Speaking of speaking, I am speaking again this coming weekend at the Massive Success Breakthrough event here in San Diego. Shoot me an email if you are in the area and want to come, I have a few free tickets I can get you.

And keep your eye on my Instagram and Facebook accounts...I’ll try to share behind the scenes where you can watch me hopefully more making it than faking it! Haha

Now, for you…

If you are like me and wanting to do more public speaking, well, go do more public speaking. It’s the only way. Reach out to a local high school, college, Rotary Club, or Toastmasters and get practice with audiences who do not feel as intimidating to you than where you want to end up ( SMMW, or Thrive, or T&C...etc).

If you are still dreaming of writing a book and becoming an author, well, open up a Google doc or grab a pen and paper and start writing. Start with just brainstorming, idea dumping, journaling if you are still not sure what your book will be about. Action begets action. Do to be. Instead of “Think and Grow Rich,” it could be “Write and Grow Into an Author.” :)

Oh, and one last thought on my brain...if you are in the San Diego area...I’m been journaling about putting on a 10 week hands on workshop where only 10 people plus me will meet in person and digitally to make everyone in the group Amazon best selling authors by the end of it.

You’ll get your message out, instant credibility, and lots of media attention for your business...all of which will lead to more traffic, sales, and confidence for more.

Please email me if you are in the SD area and interested in more details. is the email again :)

But no matter what you are working on to move your business forward, remember that it’s okay to sometimes “fake it until you make it!”

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