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Copy That Pops: Writing Tips and Psychology Hacks for Business

May 23, 2018

Write your book without stress using the 'Lego Method'! Let's quickly cover 5 steps to go from overwhelm to 80% written book!

Some great podcast highlights include:
- Hints at the P.S.T. Method to go from 'no idea' to 'awesome book outline' (there's a great group training video inside my free Facebook community)
- 5 Simple Steps to Repurposing Your Amazing Content Into a Book
- Goodbye stress, overwhelm, confusion, and reinventing the wheel

The 5 Simple Steps:
- STEP 1: Collect all your legos and put them in one pile in the center of your room
- STEP 2: Think about new combinations that you could build
- STEP 3: Arrange the lego pieces in the right order to create your next structure
- STEP 4: “Buy” new pieces to fill in any gaps in your creation
- STEP 5: Finishing touches!

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