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Copy That Pops: Writing Tips and Psychology Hacks for Business

Nov 28, 2016

UPDATE: I hit #1 Best Seller status for "Podcasts & Webcasts" category on Amazon! Woo!


Omg. I think I did it! 

Copywriting for Podcasters book is now UP on Amazon! Just $0.99 on Kindle via pre-order through this Thursday, December 1st!

I'll be working on getting it up in CreateSpace as a...

Nov 24, 2016

I take a moment to reflect on all of the wonderful guests that I have had that help make Copy That Pops so special to me.  What better day than Thanksgiving!  

Also, I have an update on my book which will be released on Amazon and how you can receive a FREE copy!

Shownotes for Happy Thanksgiving + Book Update

Nov 23, 2016

The psychology of putting on an effective virtual summit...

In this episode, I talk with Jaime Slutzky, team leader of the company Virtual Summit Tech. This company is centered around helping clients run their own virtual summit, which can otherwise be described as “a series of webinars on steroids”. These...

Nov 14, 2016

Write better and faster with 3 simple hacks that make Google Docs even more powerful. 

For more: Shownotes for 3 Google Docs Hacks for Faster, Better Writing

Nov 10, 2016

How a 26-year-old small town kid with a speech impediment turned entrepreneur, inventor, podcaster, T.V. star, motivational keynote speaker, and the "King of Crowdfunding."

A few exciting highlights include:

  • How he introduces himself at a networking event
  • Getting bullied in Elementary School
  • How his goals as a kid...