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Copy That Pops: Writing Tips and Psychology Hacks for Business

Mar 19, 2020

Do you want to earn income working from home? (Whether you have a child or not...whether you are a mom or not).


This episode may also be SO TIMELY for millions of people social distancing at home because of COVID-19.


Then tune into this episode! Our guest today shares her story of how she replaced a full-time income in the financial industry (living in the expensive LA area) as a single mom...and how you can do it too.


A Few Highlights from This Podcast:


- Blog Outpost Group

- Single Mommy Tribe Group

- How MarketMuse Content Optimization Software Helped Neil Patel Double His Traffic and Rankings

- Book: Stay at Home Single Mom: Writing Your Way to Your Happy Ending 

- How Kimberlee went from the financial industry to writing screenplays, business plans, blogs, ghostwritten books, and more (and how you can too)

- What is the rate you can charge for your writing (and should you do it by hour, by word, by project?)

- Tips to get your priorities and strategy clear

- The biggest mistake to avoid as a freelance writer

- Kimberlee answers the question many have, "Should I do work for free or reduced price in the beginning as I build my writing samples, network, and client base?"


Our Guest



Kimberlee Leonard is the author of Stay At Home Single Mom: Writing Your Way to Your Happy Ending which takes readers on her journey behind establishing herself as a freelance writer so she could stay home with her toddler when faced with a divorce. 


She is the founder of The Single Mommy Tribe where she helps mentor and support other moms faced with the decision of staying home with the kids or going back to the workforce and The Blog Out Post where she coaches bloggers and writers on how to create a second income to replace their first.


Great Quotes

  • “It’s about setting your priorities so you meet your goals, otherwise you’re always struggling with mom guilt.” - Kimberlee Leonard

  • “Don’t be afraid to have a little bit of an edge of who you are.” - Kimberlee Leonard

  • “'I don’t know what we’re gonna write if I’m a plumber?' And I said, 'Well then you write about all the DIY things somebody in their house is gonna do because I guarantee they’re still gonna need a plumber after they do that.” - Kimberlee Leonard


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To access full show notes on making money as a writer from home, please click here.