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Copy That Pops: Writing Tips and Psychology Hacks for Business

Jun 2, 2019

How can you craft a talk, deliver dynamically, and book a spot on the TED stage?

If you have a purpose in your business and stories to share with the world, this is the episode for you as we sit down with TEDx Orlando’s co-organizer Thomas Waterman!

Psychology, Leadership, Vision, Purpose-Driven, TED Talks…

…these are a few of the keywords from the notes I took during the conversation with today’s guest who is similar to me in that he loves interacting with people, studying psychology, and finding ways to help the audience he serves. 

A few podcast episode highlights:
– Hello from San Diego Startup Week (at the San Diego Convention Center)
– P.S.T. Method (my method for helping new authors go from “no idea and overwhelm” to “awesome, detailed outline)
– Johanna Walker on Episode 180 – more advice about speaking on stage!
– How to win an election (the psychology of winning!)
– Why is for-profit business actually able to help more people than nonprofits, when done right and with purpose?
– The differences between TED and TEDx
– There are over 3500 cities running TEDx events!
– How does someone become one of the speakers on stage for TED? (Insider advice! And it may surprise you!)
– TEDx Orlando’s main website:
– What matters to TED (headquarters)…so you can get featured on their main website! (Which can lead to millions of views on your video and change your life!)
– How TEDx organizers help speakers to make sure their talk resonates
– Tips for someone to speak well on stage
– TEDx talks are usually about 8 to 18 minutes (and Thomas shares how/why)
– How to Use a Paper Towel TED Talk by Joe Smith
– Why an alligator was on stage in Orlando!
– Does Thomas recommend “applying to tons of speaking events” or take another approach (to get speaking opportunities)?
– Davide Di Giorgio teamed up to bring you More Speaking Gigs (here)


Our Guest

Thomas Waterman believes in showing people what makes them special and empowering them to use their powers, so they can make the world a better place. This belief led Thomas on his own growth journey, where he leaned in to face his fear and misalignment in life. This meaningful self-reflection inspired him to quit his job and immediately pursue his purpose.

The entrepreneurial route became his path to find meaningful work and fulfillment in daily life. He chose a direction and aligned everything in his life with it. This alignment inspired him to co-found Purpose Pioneers.

Thomas makes his yearly presence on the TEDx stage as a co-organizer for TEDxOrlando. He’s a Board Member of the 15 Lightyears Foundation, Industry Fellow & Entrepreneurial Coach for the Blackstone Launchpad at the University of Central Florida, the largest university in the country, Mentor for the Horizons Scholars Program, and an Alumni of Starter Studio, Orlando’s leading tech business accelerator, where he founded his first venture, BackStory.


Great Quotes

  • “Build unique, individual, meaningful relationships.” – Thomas Waterman
  • “Get out of that state of judgment…I’m right, you’re wrong…get in the field of openmindedness and curiosity.” – Thomas Waterman
  • “80% of what we do is helping people overcome unconscious blocks…20% is the tactics.” – Thomas Waterman
  • “Getting on the stage does add value.” – Thomas Waterman
  • “[Speaking at TED] does add value for anyone who wants to build their brand.” – Thomas Waterman
  • “We have in-depth coaching calls and two in-person practices [for TEDx speakers].” – Thomas Waterman
  • “It’s helping people get clarity about the message that matters most to them.” – Thomas Waterman
  • “If you do stumble or start feeling anxious…pause. Take a deep breath. People want you to succeed.” – Thomas Waterman
  • “People care less about what you’re saying and more about how and why you say it.” – Thomas Waterman
  • “It’s about taking some kind of action and seeing if it serves you.” – Thomas Waterman

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