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Copy That Pops: Writing Tips and Psychology Hacks for Business

Apr 23, 2019

Would you love to attract and engage your ideal clients? Or how you can be an expert in your niche with your one core idea! Our guest today will offer you all the insights on how you can do that!


We talk about:

- Why Lisbon & how many languages?!
- Entrepreneurial journey
- How she helps clients today: 3 step process
- Speaking first model
- Why writing a book matters to grow your thought leadership
- Public speaking fear & 3-month walkthrough
- Constant support for public speaking
- Helping people figure out their big idea and making sure it's present in all elements
- Research your idea
- Self-published vs. Publisher
- Writing your book, better teacher?
- Storyteller on stage
- Thought leadership & why it's powerful


Get Daria's Book & Contact her!

- Daria's Book: Social Media for Artists and Creatives: How to Build a Supporting Community, Manage Your Time and Sell Your Creative Work Online

- Want to learn more about Daria's work? There are even free masterclasses that you can join! The access to the virtual Thought Leadership Academy goes through the first contact with Daria. You can get in touch with her directly on and let her know that you've listened to this podcast! Contact her today, don't be shy!

- Daria's first TEDx-talk about group dynamics

- Daria's 2nd TEDx-talk about personal branding



Our Guest


Founder of the Thought Leadership Academy, Daria Vodopianova is the quintessential digital strategist. She blends her many years of experience and academic background with cutting-edge ideas to empower entrepreneurs and business owners to get better positioning, more high-end clients, and inbound leads.


As an international keynote and 2-time TEDx speaker, best-selling author, and Thought Leadership & LinkedIn strategist, Daria serves as a translator between business goals and social media strategies – so that business owners can share their visionary thinking and attract an excited and engaged online community.


She is also a marketing mentor for European Innovation Academy, on the Cal Advisory Board at Berkeley University, on the Women in Tech Jury, and is frequently invited in to speak to students in European universities on career development in the digital era.



Daria's Highlights


  • Speaks FIVE languages
  • Marketing mentor for European Innovation Academy
  • On the Cal Advisory Board at Berkeley University
  • On the Women in Tech Jury
  • Frequently invited in to speak to students in European universities on career development in the digital era
  • Self-published Author

Great Quotes


  • "It's really about the impact you make, not often about the money. " - Daria Vodopianova
  • "Having a course or book is a way to really help more people and serve them better." - Daria Vodopianova
  • "Speaking is not only public speaking but also training. Getting in front of people and sharing your idea and getting your process out there to see if it works for them." - Daria Vodopianova
  • "I was afraid of public speaking, I got over that in 2018." - Laura Petersen
  • "Print your own shirt. You don't have to wait for someone to pick you and tell you that you're good enough. You get to choose, it's your life." - Laura Petersen
  • "If you research the same idea. Your conversations will be deeper and you will really be an expert." - Daria Vodopianova
  • "A book is a low ticket way to start learning and connecting with you." - Laura Petersen


Take Action Now!


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