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Copy That Pops: Writing Tips and Psychology Hacks for Business

Oct 5, 2018

Where do podcasts, books, and smart media exposure intersect? Find out today!

We sit down with Jessica Rhodes, founder of Interview Connections, the largest and most successful guest booking agency for podcasters and guest experts in the United States. They've booked thousands of interviews since their founding in 2013 and have booked interviews for some of iTunes’ most successful podcasts.

Learn how to 'rock the mic' from both sides and use podcast interviews as a tool to amplify your book's success too.

A few highlights:

  • Why did Jessica write a book?
  • Tips for book writing/organizing/repurposing
  • Did a book help Jessica to get more podcasts and speaking gigs?
  • What other benefits can you find you get from your book?
  • Before and during your book can you leverage podcasts. Do you need to plan in advance?
  • Best tips for authors who want to book more podcast interviews
  • How to do a "Podcast Book Tour"
  • Pitching yourself without sounding like a to add VALUE to the AUDIENCE
  • How Jessica got her book to be sold at the Barnes & Noble booth at Social Media Marketing World!
  • Any podcast show audience size and show age?
  • Podcaster 1-sheeters
    • Why you need it
    • Common mistakes to watch out for
    • Best practices from podcasting pros

Our Guest

jessica rhodes podcaster - podcast bookings

Jessica Rhodes literally wrote the book on podcast interviews. She’s the author of Interview Connections: How to #RockThePodcast From Both Sides of the Mic.

She’s been called “The Podcast Queen” and has shared the stage with dozens of top experts at Podcast Movement, Podfest, Dream Business Academy, and Podcast Mid Atlantic.

She co-hosts The Podcast Producers, an audio series which has been included in the syllabus for a course on podcasting and audio journalism at Western University in Ontario, Canada

Podcast Show Mentions

Great Quotes

  • "Your book is great. Get it out there. People will get value from it." - Jessica Rhodes
  • "Remember that just being on a lot of podcasts when your book is launching is really important." - Jessica Rhodes
  • "You want to be on well-established podcasts." - Jessica Rhodes
  • "If you want to be on the bigger shows, they aren't going to be recording an episode and putting it out the next week." - Jessica Rhodes
  • "[A book] is really valuable for positioning." - Jessica Rhodes

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