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Copy That Pops: Writing Tips and Psychology Hacks for Business

Sep 18, 2018

4 Powerful, Yet Simple Steps to go from Surviving to Thriving...this episode is packed with value. We jump straight into applying psychology to improve your mindset, writing, and more!

Tune in to learn about:

  • What should you NOT throw money at to ‘solve’ in your business
  • 80/20 Principle
  • “If you confuse, you lose!”
  • You never know better than your ideal client, so ask them the important questions to better understand their pain points and what they want solved. Use their language!
  • Why did I create this show Copy That Pops with a focus on psychology and the written word for business!
  • Make sure you deliver on the marketing copy you put out there
  • Business 101 lessons!
  • When was Mia first interested in psychology
  • “Why do bad people get good things and wealth?” How this question of a young Mia pushed her to really question things and better understand psychology and success
  • The distinction between ‘ego’ and ‘your spirit’
  • Before we are 7 years old, our conscious mind isn’t developed yet. Just our unconscious mind. This impacts us as kids and carries on for life if we don’t look at it with clearer eyes.
  • What’s really stopping people? What’s the cause of your procrastination?
  • “Our results are equal to our current levels of belief.”
  • “Our desires are really equal to what we are capable of, our true potential.”
  • “We are born to be a success, yet our programming is what is keeping us the same.”
  • “We aren’t born with any limiting beliefs... And we are talked out of that.”
  • Ego is also perfectionism, getting overwhelmed with decision-making, and not feeling good enough!
  • Hear Laura’s own inferior ego challenge and what she is working on toward growth
  • Fear isn’t want is actually slowing you’s the shame and guilt! Hear why.
  • Collapsing “worthiness” with money. Let’s separation the lie from the truth with this.
  • Senior Princesses story from my high school and how as a kid I “learned” that more money means better.
  • “Money actually shows our character.”
  • Don’t mix up correlation with causation! Do ice cream sales cause shark attacks.
  • When will you ever be good enough?
  • You are the only one who can ever decide you are worthy.
  • “You have to go through it first before you can give it away.”
  • Success is not a ‘place to get to.’ Why? Because then “Success is a place to come from, not to get to.”
  • “Live from vision instead of goals.”
  • There’s a process to getting success once we decide.
  • “There’s a science behind getting any result.”
  • What is the recipe for success in business?
  • “Beliefs are not fixed.”
  • What is a belief? And how can we change it?
  • Helping people crack ‘the 1%.’ And that is making $35,000 a year! In the U.S., it’s $435,000 a year. Let’s state the truth.
  • Find out the ‘biggest psychological killer of success’
  • Are problems just the ‘way of life’? Mia’s thoughts may surprise you!
  • Before 7 years old, we only have a subconscious
  • Hear what has held Laura back and the roots of it. Plus, how she’s rewriting her future!
  • What is the Law of Polarity?
  • You can never escape risk. And we don’t want to avoid it. We just want to choose the risk that gives the highest reward. So, we have to give up ‘staying safe.’
  • How can we leverage time, money, and resources instead of getting stuck trying to ‘prove worthiness’?
  • 4 Simple Steps to go from Surviving to Thriving
    • Awareness
    • Locate misunderstanding (and use universal laws to help with that!)
    • Apply truth
    • Change what we repeatedly do

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Mia Hewett is an International Speaker and World Class Leader, and Performance Catalyst.

Her Specialty is reprogramming your mind to get out of your own way.

She supports Entrepreneurs to turn their yearly income into their monthly, often in less than 12 months to know their greatness and unlock their potential. These entrepreneurs biggest source of pain is knowing they were meant for so much more and yet they don't know how to achieve it. They worry if they will ever reach their goals or wonder if they are even good enough. Working with Mia, they experience paradigm shifts and massive breakthroughs that remove all their blind spots, so has them make accurate decisions, learn how to work smarter not harder to maximize their results. This is Self-mastery.

Mia has Co-Owned and Operated a multiple 7-Figure Business, Led Teams to Greatness, Ran the 5 Major World Marathons, and Leaves a Lasting Impact everywhere she goes.

Simply put, Mia is a Badass!

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