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Copy That Pops: Writing Tips and Psychology Hacks for Business

Dec 19, 2017

Is a book a bucket list dream on your list? Thinking about writing one but unsure of the when/what/why?

My “soul sista” is here today to tell you about all of the reasons why the TIME IS NOW! And why, with reusing great content you already have, becoming a proud published author is easier than you ever dreamed.

A few exciting highlights include:
- Dr. Beth's new book is out TODAY! Grab it at
- Starting the writing process? When should you start?
- I bet you will never guess Dr. Beth’s academic background (Hint: It’s not marketing or writing!)
- Is self-publishing still taboo??
- Find out how to repurpose your blog posts!
- Learn why you should become a published author this year

Take Action Now!

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Dr. Beth Brombosz is an author, copywriter, and content creator, and is the host of the Blogger to Author Podcast.

In 2015 she turned some of her own blog posts into the book Yoga for Runners, which is now available on Amazon and has helped her build her platform as an expert on yoga for runners. Beth is also the author of Blogger to Author, the book.

She's passionate about showing fellow bloggers how easy it is to turn their content into a book so they can build authority in their niche, share their passion with the world, and earn passive income.

Great Quotes:

  • “I know the power of having a book.”– Beth Brombosz
  • “Self-publishing is still at a point where it’s still ramping up; not everybody has gotten the memo.” – Beth Brombosz
  • “Having a book is your fast pass to building authority and credibility.” – Beth Brombosz
  • “It’s not taboo at all anymore.”– Beth Brombosz
  • “My #1 tip is to create a plan.” – Beth Brombosz
  • “Work your schedule such that you can write when your brain is most creative.” – Beth Brombosz
  • “Everybody has their own biological clock and really affects when you’re most creative.” – Beth Brombosz
  • “Pay attention to what you are doing.” – Beth Brombosz
  • “Share about it on as many channels as you can, as often as you can. It keeps people excited about your book.” – Beth Brombosz
  • “Don’t be afraid to utilize every channel you’ve got.” – Beth Brombosz

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