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Copy That Pops: Writing Tips and Psychology Hacks for Business

Nov 14, 2017

It’s time to bring (sexy) snail mail back!

Do you remember the last non-electronic card or letter you received?? I bet it stands out above all digital correspondence. Amiright?

A few exciting highlights include:
- It’s almost my 100-Episode Podcast milestone! 😱
- Snail mail versus text message
- Check out Just Like My Child Foundation!
- How to bond with business contacts (and even influencers you don't know yet) for under $2 (card + postage!)

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Check out the podcast transcript here:

Hey there! Welcome to Copy That Pops! I’m LaptopLaura, your tall Math & Psychology teacher turned serial entrepreneur….and host of this podcast!

These days I’m also a podcast launch and best-selling book launch strategist.

I help elite entrepreneurs and business create and launch powerful podcasts (a biiiig influencer client to be announced soon!) as well as best-selling books!

This month alone I have a total of 5 course students or private clients who are launching their very first books.

So far, Alex Berger went live on 11/6 (with his book Practical Curiosity: The Guide to Life, Love & Travel) and hit #1 bestseller in all three of his categories + #1 & hot new release in 3 other countries -- Germany, France, and Spain!

Kolton Krottinger went live on 11/10 (with his book Anxiety Hackers: Learn The 3 Secrets That Made My Anxiety Disappear In 17 Days) and hit #1 bestseller in all three of his categories!

Next up we have,
• David France going live on 11/16...
• Jaya MK going live on Cyber Monday 11/27 (the one year anniversary of my own bestselling book copywriting for podcasters),
• and Christina Kalsan launches on 11/30.


For a first step, I’d love to personally invite you to join our free Facebook Group called the Best-Selling Author Posse. It will redirect you to the Facebook group.

Can’t wait to meet you in there and support you on your writing a book journey.


Okay, but let’s get to today’s quick tip all about persuasive holiday card sending. Since Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, all the winter holidays are coming up, you may have it on your mind to send out holiday cards to family, friends, and even business connections.

Each year I procrastinate doing this and usually do not. Often I just send out cards to those who sent something to me!

(which ties into some research I want to tell you about, by the way!)

But let’s talk about why writing handwritten cards (or at least signing your name to cards with some customization, even if printed with the same message...though not as effective) is arguably very important for business and personal…


Last week I had quite some adventures! I flew to NYC for 3 days to attend a presentation at the Teachable headquarters by Jess Lindgren, the creator and CEO of Gal Friday 612 and the host of the Art of Correspondence.

Her presentation was moving indeed. I reminded me just how rare it is to get nice snail mail, so it is therefore more treasured, more meaningful, more memorable than just an email or text.

She relaid story after story of incredible relationships strengthened because of taking the time to send postcards, handwritten notes, birthday cards, and holiday cards.

It got me motivated to do more of it and I have already started since last week!

In fact, I attended on Saturday an incredible mastermind meeting with 10 other female entrepreneurs who are rocking their worlds...lead by Dana Malstaff of Boss Mom. We all then glammed up and went to a charity gala in Beverly Hills to support the Just Like My Child Foundation.

I could record a whole other podcast just on the important work that group is doing to educate, empower, and protect young girls and women in Uganda!

But to tie this story into handwritten notes, I just popped in the mail before sitting down to record this podcast a thank you note to Dana for organizing the wonderful day and to Allison Melody -- host of the unbelievable Food Heals podcast -- who invited me to stay in her guest house in West Hollywood. I included some stickers with the Copy That Pops podcast artwork on them and wrote a handwritten, heartfelt thank you for their kindness and efforts this weekend.

I hope it brightens their day even just a smidge when they receive them!


Because I knew I’d be on a plane for long stretches of time, I downloaded two audiobooks by Dr. Robert Cialdini, a psychology professor at ASU. The books are called Influence and Pre-Suasion. I am geeking out so hard and relistening to them both AGAIN.

Stay tuned for more research and learnings from these books to inspire future solo podcasts from me.

But one in particular I wanted to share was about sending holiday cards.

They did an experiment where they sent family holiday cards in the mail to complete strangers and were SHOCKED at just how many they received back!

I’m sure the people who got the card were thinking, “Honey, do you know Jim Smith? I can’t remember him or his wife June and their two kids. But they sent us a card...I suppose we should send one too!”

In one instance, two families sent each other holiday cards for 10 years without any other interactive before or during. Then, when the son of one family was going to college and needed a place to stay for 2 weeks while the dorm was under constructions...they called up the parents of the other family and asked if he could stay with them and they said yes! Essentially, they let the 18 year old son of total strangers (except for holiday cards) stay in their home!

The punchline psychological principle to all this has to do with reciprocity.

When we receive something, we feel compelled to react in kind and it deepens our relationship.

So, putting the inspiration from Gal Friday 612 together with the research findings of Dr. Cialdini, I encourage us all to send out holiday cards this year to not only friends and family, but also to business colleagues, associates, mentors, and people you’d LIKE to deepen a connection with.

You never know where a handwritten card may lead!

And if you want to send me anything in the mail, you can send to:
P.O. Box 99306
San Diego CA 92169



See you next week when we’ll find more ways to write copy that pops together...



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