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Copy That Pops: Writing Tips and Psychology Hacks for Business

Sep 26, 2017

We’ve got an expert in self-publishing today all the way from the U.K.! Tim Lewis is a 6-time author and pro podcaster who is ready to dish book writing advice and dispel myths around self-publishing.

And today’s interview is a great example also of getting more active on social media! Find out how I met today’s guest online!

A few exciting highlights include:
- Can you guess on which social media platform did I meet today’s guest??
- Find out where Tim and I had our first meet-up with other podcasters!
- Tim breaks down why it’s so important to get the first draft done!
- How to increase sales with the help of Amazon!
- Tips on marketing your book! First timer in the self-publishing game? Tim has some great ways to improve book marketing!
- Apple vs. Kindle?!
- Selling your book nationally vs. internationally

Take Action Now!

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  2. Begin – Tim’s website!
  3. Check out Tim’s books!


Tim Lewis (@stonehampress) is the author of six fiction books, host of the Begin Self-Publishing Podcast and Social Media Marketer.

With over 18 years experience in IT development and management in Financial Services Industry, Tim is now working in the world of writing fiction and publishing, looking to provide solutions for other self-publishers.


Stoneham Press Ltd (@stonehampress) is a London-based company formed to publish books by its founder and provide services and tools to self-published authors to allow them to publish, market and manage their publications more successfully.

Founded by Tim Lewis (publishing under his full name Timothy Michael Lewis), Stoneham Press is dedicated to providing information and services to other self-published authors.

Tim is the host of the Begin Self-Publishing Podcast – which you can find at

Great Quotes:

  • “Getting that first draft out is very important.” – Tim Lewis
  • “Once you have the first draft done it means that you then have a project that you’re working on and your much more likely to get it finished.” – Tim Lewis
  • “How you start self-publishing depends a large amount on what you are trying to achieve.” – Tim Lewis
  • “Most of the money is in e-books.” – Tim Lewis
  • “The actual margins in book store distribution is actually very, very, very low.” – Tim Lewis
  • “Amazon in terms of e-books are not that big in the rest of the world.” – Tim Lewis
  • “Success breeds success.” – Tim Lewis
  • “Amazon itself is a marketing engine.” – Tim Lewis
  • “If you can get that jumping up from category to category and get more and more sales, Amazon itself will generate sales for you.” – Tim Lewis

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