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Copy That Pops: Writing Tips and Psychology Hacks for Business

Sep 19, 2017

Sales psychology. Do you have to be born good at it? Or, if not, how can we all improve our sales — the right way!?

That’s the theme behind this week’s interview with esteemed guest, the Hardcore Closer Ryan Stewman! He takes a no B.S. approach to life and today reveals valuable tips, tricks, and practices to get you mad profits using smart sales psychology in your writing, phone conversations, and even text messages.

A few exciting highlights include:
– Details of Ryan’s childhood and how he got into sales.
– Are people born a great salesperson or can it be learned? (You’ll love Ryan’s thoughts!)
– How do customers make a buying decision?
– Even if you are a terrible salesperson, how can you still close all your deals?
– Why both empathy and confidence is key in sales!
– What every person selling something should do (but hardly anyone does).
– Preparing to hear “no” when selling your product… what’s your response? Why is it important to write certain things down before the call?
– How to truly understand your product in order to sell it confidently.
– Gaining higher quality leads.
– How to write with sales in mind via text and other avenues relevant today.
– Ryan’s written over 1500 blog posts and open to new ideas for content!

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Guest: Ryan Stewman

Ryan Stewman, CEO and Founder of Hardcore Closer and Break Free Academy, is a 4x (no, 5x!) best-selling Author, Motivational Speaker, Sales Coach, Podcast Host, Blogger and all around Entrepreneur.

He’s also a regular contributor to ForbesEntrepreneur, Addicted2Success, Good Men Project, Lighter Side of Real Estate, Huffington Post, and more.

Ryan is best known for consulting with alpha personality business owners on rapidly growing their sales through the use of strong marketing and advertising.

With his no B.S., ‘take action’ approach, Ryan has been able to help high income and high net worth performers make adjustments in their businesses that unleash windfall profits. In the day and age of sales trainers advertising their success by bragging about the private jets and expensive cars they’ve been able to purchase themselves, Ryan prefers to brag about the mansions and exotic cars his clients have been able to purchase through the utilization of his teachings.

His programs have propelled numerous clients from 5 and 6 figure incomes to 7 figure a year earners, and he has a new group he’s working on each year in his top tier program “The Tribe.”

It doesn’t matter if you are selling cars, homes, financial services or consulting, Ryan’s sales mastery can help you generate higher quality leads, increase your closing ratios, and show you how to charge premium fees for the items you sell.

PASSION STATEMENT“I help Salesmen increase their profits by teaching them skills through coaching, consulting courses, etc. Many of us in sales come from a broken past or humble beginnings. I’m passionate about my work because I’m one of them. It’s my mission to help those who came up from nothing and those on the rise to break through the socioeconomic barriers that their past has put in front of them, and help them achieve their goals. I love the sales community.”

Links to Mentions in This Podcast Episode:

Check out Ryan’s Best-Selling Books!

  1. (2017) F*ck Your Excuses
  2. (2016) Elevator to the Top
  3. (2016) Bulletproof Business: Protect Yourself Against The Competition
  4. (2015) Kick Ass – Take Names, Emails and Phone Numbers
  5. (2015) Hardcore [c]loser

Great Quotes on Sales Psychology:

  • “Words really do matter.” – Ryan Stewman
  • “If you go to any organization, the sales people are usually the ones making the most money.” – Ryan Stewman
  • “I’ve been confident my whole life that if I can learn something, I can sell it.” – Ryan Stewman
  • “I think everyone’s an awesome sales person; they just aren’t selling what they should.” – Ryan Stewman
  • “The consumer makes a decision on empathy and your confidence, not theirs.” – Ryan Stewman
  • “They are relying on your intelligence and your confidence to make a decision.” – Ryan Stewman
  • “Diagnose somebody, let them know you understand the diagnosis and offer them a solution.” – Ryan Stewman
  • “You need to write down a list of reasons that someone would need or want your product.” – Ryan Stewman
  • “I’m selling the mid-life crisis, not the corvette.” – Ryan Stewman
  • “When you write them down they become real.” – Ryan Stewman
  • “It’s just them giving you resistance and you already have your rebuttal.” – Ryan Stewman
  • “He who speaks the least earns the most.” – Ryan Stewman
  • “How will [a customer] ever know if you’re empathetic if they haven’t told you what the problem is? So you have to ask questions to uncover those problems.” – Ryan Stewman
  • “I make the audience feel like they’re crazy for not taking me up on it.” – Ryan Stewman
  • “Ain’t nothin to it but to do it.” – Ryan Stewman
  • “Your book doesn’t have to be perfect.” – Ryan Stewman
  • “It’s crucial to learn how to build funnels and how to blog. And a book is a part of that….You’ve got to learn to sell that way.” – Ryan Stewman

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