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Copy That Pops: Writing Tips and Psychology Hacks for Business

May 30, 2017

Can you say “Welcome” in German?! Our guest today can...but that's not all...

Felix Hartmann shares with us about how to be an Amazon Best-Selling author in fiction, a master debater, a CEO of a new disruptive crowdfunding company, and a native-sounding English speaker.

A few exciting highlights include:

- You will never believe how old Felix is! Listen to my introduction of him and guess his age before I reveal it.
- Shout out to Corinne Wilhelm who messaged me on Instagram - long-time listener of the show and runs Byte Sized English out of Berlin!
- Find out which one of us was a national debater in high school!
- Check out our video version of this interview too! [Click "Shownotes" below or go to]
- What is extemporaneous speaking?
- Learn some tips on how to improve your writing, non-fiction, and debating!
- Felix shares great tips on how to have a successful business by hiring great help
- Let me know where you are listening from each week!

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