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Copy That Pops: Writing Tips and Psychology Hacks for Business

Oct 11, 2016

Real estate, balancing building a business with being a parent, and why pounding the pavement is still a #1 marketing strategy with Jennifer Holland from Berkshire Hathaway (Home Services).

Recorded on location at the Internet Marketing Association conference in Las Vegas.

Co-hosted with Melissa Sue Tucker of OCW Productions.

  • Jennifer's background in Real Estate [4:57]
  • The story behind the first home she ever sold [6:45]
  • Her #1 marketing strategy [7:20]
  • How to create a great business in Real Estate even if you are just starting out [8:25]
  • How to find your balance as a parent in business [10:30]
  • Her personal rules and boundaries for business [14:30]
  • Her top performing marketing tip [16:09]

Show Notes for Marketing Wisdom from Real Estate Pro Mompreneur Jennifer Holland of Berkshire Hathaway (Home Services)