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Copy That Pops: Writing Tips and Psychology Hacks for Business

Aug 11, 2020

Success, obstacles, goals, strategy, advice, imposter syndrome, writing tips, and more -- this episode is all about having the guts to become an author and ways to use your book to help grow your brand and business while also truly helping others out there in the world.

Podcasting Business School's founder Adam Schaeuble takes the lead role asking questions of Laura as well as 3 of her recent success story clients participating in the Bestselling Book Mastermind program (a new round starts Monday, August 24th! -- use the code "CTP" to save $50 and claim your spot at now).

A Few Highlights from This Podcast:

4 bestselling authors answer the following questions:
- "What held you back from writing your book in the past?"
- "What strategy blew your mind that you learned working with Laura in the Bestselling Book Mastermind group?"
- "How have you and/or how are you planning to leverage your book?"
- "Advice for others doing a book launch? Or what would you do differently for your next book launch?"

Ready to be the next author success story?
- Laura's 10-Week Bestselling Book enrolling for August 2020 start! Use code "CTP" for $50 off for podcast listeners!

Prefer to watch instead?
Watch the Author Panel video back at the shownotes here.

Our Guests

Guest Host:
Adam Schaeuble of Podcasting Business School 

Bestselling Author Panelists:
• Aimee Carlson, #1 Bestselling Author of The Toxin Terminator: Finding Focus, Energy and Renewed Health by Removing Hidden Toxins
• Kelsey Henry, #1 Bestselling Author of Positively Delighted: Create a Positive Mindset & a Life of Delight, Laughter, & Fun!
• Tamar Medford, #1 Bestselling Author of Hope Elevated: How to accept your past, gain clarity, and develop a healthy mindset

Take Action Now!

10-Week Bestselling Book Mastermind, co-run with Allison Melody [starting August 24, 2020 - use code "CTP" to save $50]

Please click here to access full show notes, including the bestselling author video.