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Copy That Pops: Writing Tips and Psychology Hacks for Business

Mar 19, 2019

Does copy, psychology, and… photography …really overlap???

Spoiler Alert: YES!

Special guest Jason Malouin shares how to capture the visual communication of an experience in a photo and how that relates to your copy and more. We all care about better communication and this episode is packed with unique insights you won’t hear anywhere else.

We talk about:
– Podcast episode 135: With We Are Podcast conference organizer Ronsley Vaz “Audiobooks, Psychology, Leadership, and Podcasting with Ronsley Vaz”
– How and why Jason got started in photography
– Elegant Tension
– Micro-direction in photography
– The process of making things more 3D
– The analogy of a wave
– What we can learn about communication from Caesar Milan – The Dog Whisperer
– Communication through portrait photography
– The disaster during my speaking session at We Are Podcast
– Why Laura ran away from public speaking for so many years (and how you can too!)
– Pat Flynn, Jordan Harbinger, Dave Jackson, and other podcasters shouted out
– Convincing Jason to share his podcast called Communicator!
– Podcast episode 142: With Jessica Lindgren, Pat Flynn’s Executive Assitant – “Getting Past Gatekeepers By Applying Psychology and Common Sense to Your Email Pitches”
– and so much more!

Portrait Store
– Jason’s website packed with helpful advice on how to get great photos and really communicate visually.
– This pic below is of the fun speakers at We Are Podcast in October 2018. Jason, our guest, is right up front, and I am in the back left! (Tall people always in the back!)


The Pic Jason Snapped Right After This Interview

– Photo by Jason Malouin on the Gold Coast of Australia as the sun set in October 2018!

Our Guest


Jason Malouin is a world-renowned, award-winning portrait specialist whose work can be seen on the pages of Entrepreneur, GQ, Forbes, Financial Review, dozens of book covers and billboards & bus stops in Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne.

His understanding of light, lines, and gesture is only surpassed by his understanding of the entrepreneur’s journey.  

He has been photographing ‘professionals on the rise’ exclusively for over 6 years and loves working closely with real people doing great things.

Anyone who has been photographed by Jason understands that the images are secondary. His clients know the real value of his process is the chance to profoundly redefine themselves and communicate that on a deeply fundamental level to your audience. It’s an opportunity to hold up a mirror and – if you’re open – give yourself a chance to see yourself differently.  

Merely making you look good is a given. The point is to fully portray you…in a way that honestly reflects your vision and value. Jason helps the world see ‘the you’ you’re meant to become.

Jason is also the podcast host of Communicator. From the United States, he is a long-time resident of Brisbane, Australia.

Great Quotes

  • “The best thing you can do is frame an experience for a viewer.” – Jason Malouin
  • “The single thing I rely on, in my portraiture, is an elegant tension.” – Jason Malouin
  • “The way we express ourselves in body language and words, there is a lot of overlap.” – Laura Petersen
  • “You just do it until you discover what your style is.” – Jason Malouin
  • “If you’re really trying to put yourself in other’s shoes with empathy…then that gives you the permission to iterate.” – Jason Malouin
  • “There are different kinds of good.” – Laura Petersen


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