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Copy That Pops: Writing Tips and Psychology Hacks for Business

Mar 5, 2019

Imagine if you could better influence people from your writing and words quickly and easily, without going back to school to get a psychology degree.

Well, that’s the goal of today’s quick tip episode!


Visualization and Mirror neurons are legit.


1. Visualization

More and more elite athletes and their coaches are tapping into Sports Psychology and harnessing the power of visualizing success on the track, on the field, or in the ring.

Imagining a positive outcome and all the scenarios that could arise help athletes perform better when the time does come to compete.


Inside our brains, it feels the same to see something and imagine seeing it!


2. Mirror Neurons

 In the early 1980’s researchers, while studying primates, found that neurons in the brains of macaque monkeys fired not only when they themselves reached for a banana but also when the watched another monkey reach for a banana.

 Those are mirror neurons at work.

 We are wired to imagine things in our mind. And we even feel what others are feeling as we observe, read about, or hear about things that happen.

 We are built to feel empathy and live vicariously through the words and actions of others.


Let’s Apply This to Writing a Headline, Email Subject Line, or Top Bits of a Social Media Post, Podcast, or Blog Description

 A wise and clever technique with your short pieces of the important copy then is to get the reader instantly engaged by triggering these principles at work.

Get them visualizing.

 Get them putting themselves in the shoes of the person you want them to be...a client...a successful author...a well-liked speaker...or the person in the photo along with your advertisement.

 Use words that conjure up images your target audience resonates with and will paint a picture for them.


Real Headline Example 1:

 In the first example below, just seeing the words “tear-jerking” and “mom” in this headline instantly make me tear up. 

Eliciting emotion and writing so as to get the reader starting to visualize is darn effective.

 As I read this below I imagine if my step-mom were gone and I discovered unopened messages from her. *tear* It makes me want to open this article and see what this guy Charles’ mom left behind for him.


Real Headline Example 2:

 Here in this second example, without even clicking through to see the turbines in action, I already start swaying side to side. Saying “Try not to ____” is an open invitation to do just that.

 It’s like saying, “Don’t picture a pink elephant.”

Psychology at work!


Example 3:

 Use the word imagine. This is a common technique taught in NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) so start watching out for it used on you. You may be surprised how often you see it used, now that you are aware of its effectiveness.

 But try out your next short, important copy with “imagine.”
Like this…


For me to sell my book publishing accelerator I could start out with:

 “Imagine your book is #1 in relevant categories on Amazon right now. You take screenshots and proudly share them with your friends, family, and fans. How do you feel? Proud...excited...invigorated...ready to take on the world?”


For a high-end salon to sell its services:

“Imagine the look on their faces. You walk into that reunion looking like a movie star on holiday. Long, thick hair, gorgeous eyelashes, perfect makeup, and soft tan. Look who’s the cool kid now.”


For a business coach or consultant:

 “Imagine knowing exactly what to do to grow your business without stress or overanalysis. Imagine stepping confidently forward and closing high-ticket clients on sales call like you’ve done it hundreds of times.”

So, try it for yourself! Start with the word “imagine” and get people thinking like the person you can help them become!