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Copy That Pops: Writing Tips and Psychology Hacks for Business

Jan 29, 2019

Didn't finish high school, started a business at age 20, and built her 7-figure business from the ground up.

She has 25 years of building and growing businesses, as well as, her own podcast Thought leaders Business Lab Podcast.

If you're a thought leader or an inspiring one ready to play a bigger game and make more money, this interview is a must listen.

We talk about:
- How she got started in entrepreneurship at a young age
- A seven-figure business built by late 20s (Dancewear)
- Lessons learned, that only improve business mindset
- Where she is today and the journey to get there
- Power of a niche
- Coaching around positioning (9 Principles)
- Books are so powerful for positioning and branding
- Two things to combat reading blocks: Ocean and Brian FM app
- Biggest takeaway: Fear of showing up

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- The Thought Leaders Positioning Checklist: Move from unknown to ‘in-demand’ and attract more clients and charge higher fees with these 5 points. 

Our Guest

She helps people become the go-to authority and turn their expertise into a thriving business.

Samantha Riley is the co-founder of the Global Thought Leaders Network, an international business growth coach, speaker, #1 best-selling author, and host of the Thought Leaders Business Lab podcast, with nearly 25 years personal experience in building and growing businesses.

If you’re a thought leader who is ready to play a bigger game so you can make more money, and create a life filled with freedom and purpose, then she is your gal. 

Samantha's Highlights & Fun Facts

  • She didn't graduate from High school
  • Built a 7-figure business by the end of her 20s
  • Started her entrepreneur journey at 8 years old, selling goodies at school
  • She loves to draw out and amplify the unique ‘Diamond Factor’ of every client she works with

Great Quotes

  • "Anything that has cost me money over the years, I remember really well." - Samantha Riley
  • "Do you have more time than money or more money than time?" - Laura Petersen
  • "A book is so important, it's got THUD value." - Samantha Riley
  • "Psychologically, what we choose to say yes or no to, has a big deal to do with status." - Laura Petersen
  • "How is this going to be a tool that serves your readers, that serves your business, that's worth your time and effort." - Laura Petersen
  • "Biggest takeaway: If you want to be positioned as an expert in the marketplace then that's the way you need to show up." - Samantha Riley