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Copy That Pops: Writing Tips and Psychology Hacks for Business

Jan 22, 2019

What are the benefits of Podcasting at a personal and business level?

First, a little information…

A Senior at Cal State Fullerton in the Business Marketing program named Miles reached out recently. He said he was doing a research project that focuses on Podcasting and the benefits it can have on both a personal and business level.

So, I recorded my answers to his 14 questions right after I got home from vacation with my husband in New Zealand in November 2018 and sent them back to him.

I believe what I said can help not just Miles and whoever he shares his project with, but all of you who are thinking about podcasting.

I am sharing this with you now because in 2019 I want to do more ‘repurposing’ of content. Where I create something valuable and share it in more than one places and in more than one form.

In my own journey, I started this podcast before writing books, but that is just one way to do it. If you already have a book or book plan, why not use your content for BOTH?

If you have a course, why not turn it into a podcast and a book?

If you have a step by step process you take your clients through, why not turn it into a course, podcast, and a book?

Food for thought.


Okay, let’s dive into the 14 questions and advice for Mr. Miles!

1. What is the main goal of your podcast?

  • A multipurpose tool, connection, communication

2. What are the difficulties of podcasting?

  • A lot of moving pieces
  • Basic microphone (ATR2100 and foam pop filter) $60-$70 Amazon
  • (p.s. This was recorded BEFORE I found my new podcast audio editor who I love, so what I mentioned in this answer has been fixed!)

3. Do you edit your own podcasts?

  • Edit your own in the beginning, to learn
  • Hire out to someone who enjoys it

4. How did you choose your hosting company?

5. What parts of the podcasting process do you wish could be done for you?

  • All parts, except talking parts and speaking my voice

6. Do you use your podcast to help with Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing?

7. In regards to producing content, what are the pain points you feel?

  • Number 1: not enough time
  • Finding a team that is detail oriented with audio and writing

8. Have you considered starting a blog using your podcast material?

  • I have a blog and have considered taking blog articles and repurposing them into podcast material
  • Taking podcast and repurposing them into books
  • Show notes of the podcast

9. What do you think about advertising within podcasts?

  • Don't mind too much, value their opinion
  • I have not done advertising on my podcast

10. Do you use podcasting to help build your brand? How so?

  • EVERYTHING I do builds my brand

11. How much should setting up a quality podcast cost?

  • As low as $200/year
  • Zoom
  • Ecamm recorder for Skype

12. How much should each episode cost you?

  • Outsource cost for audio ($3-10/hr) and show notes ($20-30/show)

13. What are 3 things any of your top competitors are doing better than you (in regards to podcasting)?

  • Clear on niche
  • Putting my head done and doing my work

14. What is your favorite aspect of podcasting?

  • The people, podcasters rock!

Hope this was a helpful Q&A session for you! Getting started in the podcast 'world' doesn't have to be hard or costly, you just have to start!