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Copy That Pops: Writing Tips and Psychology Hacks for Business

Jan 11, 2019

Quick copy and business leadership tip for you a behind-the-scenes recording!

First, the Backstory…

Last year in January of 2018, I started a group of entrepreneurs meeting about every other week in San Diego for coffee to get to know each other and be open to collaborations.

I called it “Connecting SD.”

There was never any firm agenda, though the times we had 10 or more people come, I did have to add in more structure so everyone could get to know one another!

The idea was simple: connection

I love living in San Diego and there are so many biz-minded people here, so why not do a better job connecting with them?

Plus, I wanted to step up more as a leader, so I thought that starting my own group would be a great idea! And it has been.

Some of the bestselling author clients you have heard on the podcast this past year have come from that group.

• I never sold.
• I never pitched.
• I never pushed.

I just got to know people and they got to know me. They saw me as a leader and witnessed my consistently in showing up to facilitate a meeting that brought them working with me when they were ready to do a book was a non-sale, a no brainer!

But aside from business growth and thought leadership expansion...what ‘copy related’ benefit has the group had?

Copy Hack

The copy benefit has come, not just for me as the leader but for every single participant! For us all!

1. Each time we meet we share what we do with the group (and usually individually to others as people trickle in).

This is great practice saying aloud what you do and getting immediate feedback on if it’s clear or interesting

2. Many meetings we write things out like our ‘one sentence of what we do’ or 3 bullet points of our ‘ideal audience.’

This helps us clarify who we are and who we serve

These two things alone have helped me, and many attendees have told me it helps them too, in both how they speak with people and how they write their copy for their websites, landing pages, social media, and more.

Humans need repetition to work things out.

I am constantly testing and refining my copy and what I say in my introductions with people to see what works.

Don’t expect instant’s a constant evolution!

One Copy Tip

And to boil down a tip for you:

Use in-person networking events or meetups as a place to practice your concise ‘elevator pitch’ or ‘hook’ and watch the reactions of people on their face, in their body language, and with what they do and say after.

It’s great market research to improve your copy and communications!

Now, a Behind-the-Scenes Recording

At a recent get together of Connecting SD we were 5 gals who turned up on January 4th on the first Friday of the new year (2019).

For fun, I plugged in my mic (I use an ATR2100 + foam pop filter that you can get on Amazon for about $60-$70) and recorded us each going around and introducing ourselves, businesses, and 2019 goals to the group.

It was great practice for all of us to speak it into a microphone...and I thought it would be fun for you as a listener of the Copy That Pops podcast to meet 4 new female entrepreneurs!

So, here is a short clip...we wish you had been there!

[video width="720" height="1280" mp4=""][/video]

Special Guests!

AnnMarie Rose:
@AskAnnMarieRose on Instagram
@AskAnnMarieRose on YouTube

Sarah Hancock:
@PsychRecovery on Twitter
@PsychRecoveryandRehab on Facebook

Jessica M. Powers:
@JessicaEmpowersU on Facebook

Stephanie Purtell Andrews:
@VivaPotential on IG
@VivaPotential on YouTube


If you are in the San Diego area and want to join us, head over to - it’s free other than what you buy to eat and drink!

Thank you for being a member of the CTP community.

I hope to see you on social media...let me know you listen!

And, back to work for me...I’m looking for more ways to help you write copy that pops!