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Copy That Pops: Writing Tips and Psychology Hacks for Business

Jan 8, 2019

Positioning yourself in your niche as an can we do that best?

My lead domino is with a book.

But, our guest today loves social media most of all! And she told me before we officially started recording:

Linkedin is a gold mine for copywriters because it’s all about the copy!

You don’t have to be a pro copywriter to leverage it just have to listen to this podcast!  😜 Next-level marketing and business strategy is what our guest Estie Rand is all about...and she really dishes on LinkedIn and more!


We talk about:

- How to cultivate "word of mouth" referrals and paying business

- What 'trigger word' can you give your network so you get lots of 'right' clients?

- How to use (small and free) speaking gigs to grow your business [there's a way to speak to generate business]

- ACTUALLY add value in your talk and still land clients

- Tactical tips to adjust your writing slightly to make people feel more connected to you (truthful marketing that also taps into human psychology)

- Neuro-linguistic programming tips (NLP)

- How to create and launch branding strategy and marketing campaigns

- Funny story of how Laura met her husband [Hint: she didn't have to go far]

- Why to not worry about 'competition' 

- What is "core marketing" (listen for the flower analogy! plus 3 small business examples to demonstrate)

- [25 minutes in] LinkedIn best practices

- Tools: LinkedHelper, Meet Leonard, Nimble, and low-cost VAs to help!

- Ways to cultivate your audience on LinkedIn

- A secret trick that Estie just discovered! (Find a great connection who's doing it great, do a search for that person's connections that are your 2nd and 3rd tier, then connect away!)

- Taking branding and positioning to the next level!

- Thinking, Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman

- 5 Tiers of Sales: 1. Attention, 2. Interest, 3. Evaluation, 4. Negotiation, 5. Decision

- “Bro-etry”

- Check out Josh Vector for more LinkedIn and Facebook hack


Freebie from Estie

- includes 139++ marketing ideas for any budget!


Our Guest

Estie Rand is on a mission to empower everyone who has a business dream to professionalize it and make it profitable.

The founder and owner of Strand Consulting, a full-service consulting firm for small business owners, Estie also hosts the Business Breakthrough podcast, making business success relatable and achievable for everyone.

Estie's Highlights

  • Built a six-figure business in 2 years with $0 spent on advertising
  • Mom of five coaching multi-millionaire business owners
  • Former CIO of a multi-national nonprofit
  • Host of the Business Breakthrough podcast, where they humanize business
  • Created Business 101 HS incubator & course, teaching business sense to teens


 Great Quotes

  • “Don’t be boring.” - Estie Rand
  • “Linkedin is a gold mine for copywriters because it’s all about the copy!” - Estie Rand
  •  "You can cultivate word of mouth." - Estie Rand
  •  "Be really focused in your pitch. Make sure people in your network know who to send your way and for what. And find the 'hook' even if you do a lot of things." - Estie Rand
  • "There's a way to speak to generate business." - Estie Rand
  • "When you hear me speak, it's like drinking water from a walk away with immediate value but you are also like 'there is a lot there and there is more than can help me.'" - Estie Rand
  • "Sell more things to the same people." - Estie Rand
  • "I will always, always whenever possible, mirror the WAY people wrote me their email...because that mirroring psychologically, they start to feel more connected to me." - Estie Rand
  • "Honesty is communicating real truth, not the details of something." - Estie Rand
  • "Always try to use their words or a synonym...I'll say it the way you want to say it." - Estie Rand
  • "Politics aside, this is just human nature. We like people that feel like us." - Estie Rand
  • "At the end of the day, all business is built on trust." - Estie Rand
  • "LinkedIn's giving me real money!" - Estie Rand
  • "Post something every day for a month, just to get a start for what the audience is listening to." - Estie Rand
  • "LinkedIn's more like Facebook where if you connect to someone, they're connected back to you. They're automatically your follower." - Estie Rand
  • "Right now is a 'Golden Zone' [in LinkedIn]!" - Estie Rand
  • "Marketing is all psychology." - Estie Rand
  • "This is classic Dale Carnegie the sweetest sound in any language to any person is their own name. Always, always, whenever you can, use their name." - Estie Rand
  • "If you are not the customer, you're the product." - Estie Rand
  • "Be interesting enough in the first three lines that people want to read more." - Estie Rand


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