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Copy That Pops: Writing Tips and Psychology Hacks for Business

Dec 11, 2018

Hellllo and welcome! Today is a quick copy tip episode for you!


Quick shout out to Melina Palmer of the Brainy Business podcast. She was in San Diego from Seattle last week and I happened to be downtown for Pat Flynn’s surprise birthday party and a staycation at the Hyatt (while my husband had a conference), so we met up for coffee and nerded out on podcast, book writing, and using psychological and behavioral economics for pricing your products and services...and how to name things too!


Check out her podcast if you want more about applying behavioral economics to your business!


For today, I want to give you a quick copy tip (and free tool) to help you figure out what your audience actually wants so you can use it in your writing or in your naming of books, podcasts, blogs, keywords to search for paid ads, SEO, and more.



I learned this from Jared Warner, who is on my Wall of Fame as bestselling book success story #17! He’s a marketing guy and taught this to me for paid ads.

But, it’s application is far broader reaching, so I wanted to share it with you!

Word It Out


What this does is turn text into world clouds.


Here’s how I suggest you use it step by step in addition to making cool looking word clouds you could share on social media or your website.

Let’s use it for copy and knowing what our audience actually wants!


Step 1: Pull up a popular book in Amazon around topics relevant to your business (whether you are writing a book, doing a podcast episode, writing a blog, or coming up with web or ad copy...doesn’t matter)


Step 2: Expand the reviews of the book, select them all, and hit ‘copy’ -- now, you may want to do this twice...once for 4 and 5 star reviews, and once for 1-3 star reviews.


Step 3: Head over to Word It Out and click “Create” at the top.


Step 4: Paste the text into the box that says “original text” and then the green button that says “generate”


Step 5: Now you have a visual representation of the words used in the reviews! You’ll need to clean it up a little. For example, the author’s name doesn’t help you. Or even “book” may be unhelpful since we got this from book reviews and they are referring to the book they read. Just click on “Word list” and you can exclude words that do not make sense. Another example here would be “Kindle” or “about.”


Step 6: Click the blue “regenerate” button to see the words updated


Step 7: Save this if you don’t want to lose it and look for words that are trends that you could make sure to incorporate in your writing all over the web!


Once you play around with it for a bit and start thinking about it as a way to do market research, the application is unlimited for us with our brands and businesses online!


Try it out and let me know what new insights it gives you!




One last note before I sign off! One of my BESTSELLERATOR group program clients is going live with her book on Wednesday the 12th! 12/12/18


Kathy Dale with her book: Sacred Wisdom of Healing: A Practical Guide to Love, Happiness & Healing which you can buy on Amazon for just $0.99 at  


If all goes well, she’ll be case study #27 for bestsellers! Can we get to 30 by the end of the year??


Tune in next time to find out!


And if you can’t wait that long and have a book of your own that needs writing, launching, or leveraging, come join our free community at to meet some other incredible entrepreneurs doing the same thing.


We love to connect!


Talk to you next time when we’ll find more ways to write copy that pops!


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