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Copy That Pops: Writing Tips and Psychology Hacks for Business

Jun 26, 2018

Learn how YOU can have a podcast and bestselling book if you want to with your business!

We talk tips, techniques, and tools to guide you to the first step of simplifying a podcast and writing a nonfiction book that helps you get instant credibility, more speaking gigs, and more!

A few exciting highlights include:
- How Larry got in trouble with the law (we start out ENTERTAINING from the get go!)
- Tips around launching a bestselling book!
- Random rumblings and stories from Larry!
- Hear the story of “Theft under 20”
- Find out what you can learn from voice acting classes and transfer to your business!
- Landscape Podcast anyone??
- “Accidentally the Whole Tip” podcast
- Find out who Larry would LOVE to interview! Hint: He’s already been a guest on Copy That Pops!
- Hear how writing a book can instantly change the way you are ranked on the level of expertise!
- Can you guess how many Black Belts Larry holds??!

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Larry Roberts was born back about 1972 in a little town in North Texas named Denison. He was born with a silver tongue and a Texas twang that he used to get through this life with no advanced schoolin'.

Larry is a professionally trained voice over artist, bestselling author, and podcast teacher and consultant!

 Great Quotes:

  • “If I wasn’t in trouble, I wasn’t awake.” – Larry Roberts
  • “It wasn’t as natural as I wanted it to be.”– Larry Roberts
  • “I was still looking to other podcasts to see how to podcast.” – Larry Roberts
  • “I started to get more and more open to less and less perfection.” – Larry Roberts
  • “As I started getting more relatable, I started getting higher numbers.” – Larry Roberts
  • “You don’t have to follow the status quo to make a podcast.” – Larry Roberts
  • “There are opportunities for everybody in any industry to have a podcast.” – Larry Roberts
  • “In my personal opinion everyone needs a podcast.” – Larry Roberts
  • “Learn to edit your audio; learn to not edit your audio all of the time.” – Larry Roberts
  • “Most podcasts don’t make it past episode 7.” – Larry Roberts
  • “It’s instant credibility when you write a book.” – Larry Roberts

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