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Copy That Pops: Writing Tips and Psychology Hacks for Business

Jun 19, 2018

Are you ready to write that book yet?! Today you get to hear from someone that has gone through the process and rocked my mastermind group...even though he never thought he could be an author.

Learn tricks and tips (and hear a secret hello from my dog Tuck) from a marketing specialist who is now a best-selling author!

A few exciting highlights include:
- Guess who sneaks on to the podcast this week?? Hint: he barks! Hint #2: I don't mean Jared Warner! :-P
- Learn why Jared joined my mastermind and how it can help you too
- Searching for pallets in the middle of the night with mom during high school
- Learn from a marketing specialist about how to market yourself online
- Why does Jared have numbers in his business names?
- How to split test your networking intro and use it for your copy in other place
- Are you disqualifying yourself from becoming a bestselling author?
- How to actually write your book and fit in the time
- Find out about free calls vs. paid calls!
- Discover how you may already have a book! If you have a blog or course you have a BOOK!!
- Hear how to break down the writing process for non-writers!
- Jared’s real thoughts on the ‘one-size fits all garbage’ going on with online marketing right now!
- Learn about Jared’s Entrepreneurship Growth Formula and how it can be applied specifically to you!
- Are business Facebook pages worth it anymore?
- How to write copy that pops -- amazing method from Terrance Tam! [Listen to hear how you can be re-shared on social media!]
- Did Jared get any results from his book even before it was live on Amazon??

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Jared Warner started his first online business out of his parents’ garage in 1998 with his twin brother, Jeff. Since that day he's started many entrepreneurial ventures but hasn't always tasted success. He's gone 100% broke three times chasing his dreams but wouldn't change a thing.

Today he runs the business of his dreams that gives him the freedom to live life on his terms. It’s called 123 Get Found and he helps entrepreneurs develop an effective marketing plan that tells you exactly what to do to hit your financial goals using his proven Entrepreneurship Growth Formula.

And, after working with me in my group coaching/mastermind program, Jared can also claim the title of #1 bestselling published author. On the day of his launch just a couple months ago, he hit #1 in 3 categories in both the United States and Australia, plus #1 Hot New Release!

Now, Jared is in my Author Expert Inner Circle Elite group where we are working together to help him leverage the heck out of his book for more podcast interviews, speaking gigs on stage, big media exposure, traffic, brand credibility growth, and more!


Great Quotes:

  • “It’s all about generating conversation; it’s how you make money.” – Jared Warner
  • “We learned that when you launch a website, that doesn’t mean anything.” – Jared Warner
  • “As long as I put in the effort I don’t care about the results.” – Jared Warner
  • “If you have a program that you take people through, you have a book!” – Jared Warner
  • “My system is all about playing to your strengths and understanding who your customer really is to their core.” – Jared Warner
  • “If you just sit with your own ideas, you are only going to get as far as you already got.” – Jared Warner
  • “Don’t copy anyone else’s systems.” – Jared Warner
  • “You’ve got to play to your own strengths.” – Jared Warner
  • “Just because you see someone crushing it own Facebook live, does not mean that is your path.” – Jared Warner


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