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Copy That Pops: Writing Tips and Psychology Hacks for Business

May 16, 2018

Attention all podcasters or soon-to-be-podcasters: This episode is for YOU!!

Insider info on getting your podcast found in search, growing it, and more.

A few exciting highlights include:
- "LAURA" promo code for two free months of website hosting at Libsyn!
- Hear a story of Tim Ferriss calling up Rob to ask for growth advice
- What is the present state of podcasting?
- What are Rob's predictions for the future of podcasting?
- What makes a podcast show or podcast episode 'popular'?
- Hear what genres of podcast shows have the most downloads and which have the most in number of different shows (can you guess?)
- Learn the psychology of a podcast listener
- Server side data and what it means for your podcast
- How effective are show notes? Who do we write them for??
- Social media and how to use it for your podcast!
- How to start your podcast and how to pick your topic!
- What do “I Dream of Jeanie,” “Bewitched,” and your podcast maybe have in common?
- How picking your podcast niche may help you gain sponsors!
- What's the difference between the words downloads, listens and listeners??
- Find out where people are searching for podcasts? (Hint: there are 2 places)
- How important can your show title really be? (Another Hint: Very important)
- Podcasting advice for all levels of podcasting!

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Rob Welch is the VP of Podcaster Relations with Libsyn and the host of the Podcast411 Podcast / Blog, the Today in iOS Podcast / Blog, co-host of Today in Podcasting Podcast, co-host of the Feed Podcast and host of the KC Startup 411 Podcast.

He co-authored of the book Tricks of the Podcasting Masters and has been the podcasting consultant to Gov. Bill Richardson, Senator John Edwards, Dr. Mark Hyman, Tim Ferriss, Jack Welch, and many others.

He has been a monthly columnist for Blogger and Podcaster Magazine as well as App Developer Magazine, and the organizer of the Kansas City Podcaster Meet-up.

Specialties: Helping businesses and individuals launch their podcast. Teaching others how to become a successful Podcaster.

Great Quotes:

  • “The state of podcasting is really all about mobile.” – Rob Walch
  • “People are consuming podcasts on the go.” – Rob Walch
  • “It’s all about word of mouth; people tell their friends to go and listen to a podcast.” – Rob Walch
  • “It’s okay to do a podcast similar to one that’s already out there.” – Rob Walch
  • "Smart phones really changed the space of podcasting." – Rob Walch
  • “There are only two places really that people search- one is Google and the other is Itunes.” – Rob Walch
  • "Audio is the one medium where you can multi-task." – Rob Walch
  • “You make your show notes available for search engines.” – Rob Walch
  • “Show notes have a value with search engines.” – Rob Walch
  • “People are scanners; if it looks repetitive, they are going to give up and move on.” – Rob Walch
  • “You need an audience size of at least 5,000 to be monetized in terms of demographics.”– Rob Walch
  • “There are a lot fewer women podcasters than there are women bloggers.”– Rob Walch

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