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Copy That Pops: Writing Tips and Psychology Hacks for Business

Jan 23, 2018

The first interview of 2018 is here and it’s guaranteed to inspire you!   A rough start in life doesn’t have to control your journey!

My guest today shares not only her past but also her present and incredible future.

A few exciting highlights include:

- Hear what it was like living in foster care and growing up as “at risk”
- Find out how Nicole’s mindset changed at such young age! (Hint: she’s only 22!!)
- Writing tips for copy
- How to share personal stories in your writing
-How to use your life lessons to inspire others

Take Action Now!

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  2. Check out Nicole’s book!


Nicole Zeien-Cox is an author, professional speaker, and accomplished entrepreneur who strives to inspire everyone to live a full life. This passion for empowering others was sparked after prevailing through a string of adversities in her own journey, from foster care to self-employed business owner.

In just 30 days she wrote her first book, "Foster to Fosters," becoming an Amazon Bestseller within a short 24 hours of publishing.

This book led to sharing relatable life lessons through public speaking and coaching that benefits budding entrepreneurs, child welfare professionals, parents, and teens. It also led to a national publishing deal that has facilitated a platform, which allows her to continue advocating for causes she believes in.

Great Quotes:

  • “I reacted off of emotions; it was really scary.” – Nicole Zeien-Cox
  • “I really started to see the big picture at 16.” – Nicole Zeien-Cox
  • “I’ve got that feeling that I’m supposed to be helping other people.” – Nicole Zeien-Cox
  • “I realized that this is my life and I have to take control.” – Nicole Zeien-Cox
  • “Write from the heart.” – Nicole Zeien-Cox
  • “Get a feel of what you want to write about and what’s important to you and why it should be important to others.” – Nicole Zeien-Cox
  • “I made up my mind that I’m going to do good things in this world.” –Nicole Zeien-Cox
  • “If it’s something that you can overcome and it’s going to help people, definitely do it.” – Nicole Zeien-Cox

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