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Copy That Pops: Writing Tips and Psychology Hacks for Business

Aug 1, 2017

Becoming a #1 International Best-Selling Author? Healing a dog with music? Moving abroad with two cats?

Yep! Those are just a few topics that Tom and I discuss in this dynamic and entertaining episode!

Plus…Tom has a special place on literally every episode of Copy That Pops!

Tune in to find out where!

A few exciting highlights include:
– Music Producer turned Best-Selling Author! Tom reveals how he hit bestseller on Amazon and shares his advice for new business book authors.
– Considering a one-way trip to work abroad as a digital nomad? Tom Camp is living in Thailand and has helpful advice.
– How to write a best selling book in 8 weeks or less and self publish it without stress.
– What is a Kindle publishing bestseller? And tips to write a bestselling book from Tom and Laura.
– Find out what it’s like in my Amazon best-seller course (now called Biz Book Secrets Masterclass, which lays out how to write, selfpublish, and market a bestseller on Amazon in under 8 weeks) from someone who just went through it with huge wins.
– Keep leaving me feedback and let me know what you think of the show and you may hear a shoutout from me in a future episode! [Even if they aren’t nice…haha].

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Tom Camp has been recording since the days of 4-track tape machines. Obsessed with music, Tom has been a recording artist, producer, mix engineer, and even co-hosts Recording Studio Podcast. To say that he is dedicated to music is an understatement.

“I understand the significance of your music, your recordings, and your art. It has always been my belief that when the world gives you a gift, that it is your responsibility to give that gift back to the world. Music is your gift and I want to help you share it.”

As a result of taking Biz Book Secrets, my Amazon Best-Seller book courseon how to write a great nonfiction book in his niche, Tom can now add International #1 Best-Selling Author to his profile and biography.

Watch This Podcast Episode Via Video with Best-Selling Author, Tom Camp!

Great Quotes:

  • “That’s what is so beautiful about the time period that we live in!  You can create meaningful relationships with people through the connection of the internet!” – Tom Camp
  • “When you love doing something it’s really hard to charge for it and to charge accordingly.” – Tom Camp
  • “Everything seems like it can be a great opportunity. I think everything does have the potential to be a great opportunity, but there comes a point where you have to focus and make sure that everything you’re doing falls under that umbrella [your primary goal].” – Tom Camp
  • “For anyone that’s writing a self-help book think about what you could’ve used, where you were lost, and what is that big thing that you could give yourself back then if you had a time machine.” – Tom Camp
  • “If you invest enough in them they will care enough to invest in you. I never had to ask anybody to check out my music because I already built up a personal relationship with my audience. By the time I would even think to ask they had already done it.” – Tom Camp
  • “If you invest enough in them, they will care enough to invest in you.” – Tom Camp
  • “It was a big lesson to see the power of personal investment.” – Tom Camp
  • “Audio is magic.” – Tom Camp
  • “Artists are 10% ego; 90% insecure.” – Tom Camp
  • “Give to the audience; serve them first.” – Tom Camp
  • “You have to try and fail at every single thing you do.” – Tom Camp
  • “Niche down as far as you possibly can.” – Tom Camp
  • “Get the course and just do it; don’t waste time.” – Tom Camp
  • “You have to start somewhere; one step at a time.” – Tom Camp
  • “You win or you learn.” – Laura Petersen

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