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Copy That Pops: Writing Tips and Psychology Hacks for Business

Aug 16, 2016

Lead generation, marketing automation, and subscription boxes...with my friend and serial entrepreneur Heidi Koffman.

  • How she introduces herself at a networking event [2:17]
  • Her background and her reason for becoming a flight attendant [3:02]
  • How she started Hippie Hobby [6:32]
  • How Hippie Hobby approaches influencer marketing and lead generation [13:35]
  • Her approach to automation with Hippie Hobby [22:58]
  • Why she loves Infusionsoft [32:13]
  • How a Lead Magnet tripled one of her businesses [36:53]

Show Notes for Landing Pages, Subscription Boxes, and Serial Entrepreneurism - Oh My! with Heidi Koffman